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The Story

Mapapa’s (from Lingala "mapapa" litterally meaning flipflops) are dare craft slippers with a "rubber" sole, created in the DRC.

Our Mapapa's are special because they are handmade and we use the African Wax (loincloth) to give them a unique touch, blending tradition and modernity.

Indeed, our goal is to dust off the ancient image of our grandmothers loincloth as we know it by giving it a second wind, a utility other than the usual ethnic clothing.

We want to show, through our creations, that the Wax can be broken down into a variety of fashion accessories as well as current and fun objects: from a pair of sandal to handbags, bracelets, clutches, key holders...

With Mapapa's, we invite you to join this magnificent journey between traditional Congolese culture and today's fashion .

red on gold

Emission "Conversation Kandindi" (CK) dont le thème est : Comment créer et réussir ses activités ? Avec la Particicpation de :

  • Yves Kabongo (KBG Capital)
  • Alicia Lumande (Elikya)
  • Isaac Ngunda (Din Concept)
  • Larock Mavavo (Hars Design Production)
  • Sandra Lukusa (Mapapa's)

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Si dans les pays du nord, les tongs ne font leur sortie que l’été, en Afrique, elles sont tendances toute l’année. Autrefois, aux antipodes de la mode, elles sont devenues le symbole de vacances...

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